What does it mean to be Christian?

I class myself as a Christian. I don’t go to church except at Christmas, I very rarely pray, and I don’t read the Bible…but I still call myself a Christian.

To me, following a religion is more than just declaring your love for a deity; it’s about the way you choose to live your life. You could go to church multiple times a week, pray multiple times a day, but that wouldn’t make up for choosing a bad way of life.

I’m a private person when it comes to things that really matter to me…except for my son I guess, who I just love to brag about (but what parent doesn’t?). I feel uncomfortable when I see friends on Facebook posting status after status about how good God is, and how He has a plan for everything.  Filling my news feed with Bible verses and hymns. I just love how strong their faith is, but faith, to me, should be a personal thing. By all means share it with like minded people,  but don’t push it on those who believe differently. It isolates people.

I don’t believe that God has mapped my life out for me. I don’t believe that He is there every step of the way, holding my hand. I don’t believe in the second set of footprints alongside mine in the sand. This is my life, and the decisions are mine to make. If I do something wrong, it wasn’t God’s will, it was my own damn fault. If I achieve something fantastic, it’s due to my own hard work, not a gift from God.

The way I see it, He is there watching over me, giving me the strength I need to make those all important decisions…not to make them for me, but to support me whatever the outcome.

That doesn’t sound very typically Christian does it? Does that mean my faith is less than yours? Maybe. Or maybe it just means it’s different. Maybe we just build our lives around it in different ways.

As long as we are all living our lives as best we can, and are happy to believe that God is up there watching over us, does it really matter how far we take it from there?

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