My Weekly Accountability #2

Last week was the first week of My Weekly Accountability series. I spoke about how easy it is to make excuses for why you haven’t achieved any of your goals, and about the need to make small changes to your daily routine to help you get started. Acceptance and accountability is something I am really trying to incorporate into the way I lead my life, because I believe it’s the only way to truly push yourself and find the motivation to fight for what you want.

So, after setting myself some simple goals, how did I do?



I managed to achieve all of my blogging goals this week!

I’ve joined in with three linkies, and three blog posts have gone live:

Social Media

I didn’t quite manage my social media goals, although I did spend a lot more time on Tailwind trying to get my head around it! I think I’m getting there…kinda…


This was the lengthier list! I managed most of my goals, although I completely forgot about my Wellbeing Journal and my bullet journal, and have been really slack with my water intake. They will be on my list for this week!


So, on to week 2!


  • 4 Blog posts published/scheduled
  • Join 4 blog linkies
  • Getting my internal linking sorted
  • Organise the pesky tags that I’ve been overusing
  • Start a list of seasonal posts


Social Media

  • Weekly schedule for Tailwind – look at my optimal times
  • Find some Tailwind tribes that work for me
  • Weekly schedule for Twitter – look at my optimal hashtags
  • List of Instagram hashtags to use
  • Spend more time on my Facebook page



  • Start using The Wellbeing Journal again!
  • Spend more time on my bullet journal
  • Drink more water!
  • One new recipe to try next week
  • Find some short exercise routines that work for me
  • Finish the kids activity packs for my sister’s wedding
  • Get ready for my driving theory test!


What are your goals for this week? What did you achieve last week? And for those of you with young children…how do you fit it all around an active toddler?!

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