Toddler T’s Top 10 Reads

Seeing as World Book Day is just around the corner, I decided this was the best time to do a round-up of Toddler T’s favourite books. He has loved a good story since he was very little (we started reading to him as a newborn) although he currently has so much energy that he can’t sit still enough for a whole book! The ones below are those he comes back to time and again though, often multiple times in one day.

Here they are, in no particular order:

this-rabbit-that-rabbitThis rabbit, That rabbit – Jane Porter

This rabbit, That rabbit is a rhyming picture book, one of our free Bookstart books when he was first born. T is currently obsessed with it. I think 10 times in one sitting is our record so far, and that wasn’t the only sitting that day!

rabbits-napRabbit’s Nap – Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

We like rabbits in this house, which our two house bunnies will be very pleased to hear! Rabbit’s Nap is a lift-the-flap rhyming book about a rabbit who just wants to sleep but keeps getting disturbed by her noisy friends. They feel sorry for Rabbit, and come together in the end to sing her off to sleep.

peepoPeepo! – Janet and Allan Ahlberg

I think everyone knows Peepo! It’s a classic! A rhyming story that takes you through a baby’s day with his family. T likes being able to look through the holes in the pages, and has recently started to shout out peepo! as soon as I’ve said what does he see? A firm family favourite here!

kippers-visitorKipper’s Visitor – Mick Inkpen

This was one of last year’s World Book Day books, and one that T always reached out for in the first few months. I lost count long ago of the number of times we have read the story of Kipper and his new friend the gosling. Such a lovely little story.

the-goat-that-gloatsThe Goat that Gloats – Leyland Perree

This was our Poundland bargain! We were going out for lunch and I’d forgotten to take anything to keep T occupied whilst waiting for food. Popped into Poundland, and picked up this book – possibly one of our best book buys! It’s quite a long read for a board book, so we don’t always get to the end. The Goat that Gloats is about a lonely goat who lives in a tower. He has so many lovely possessions that he thinks everyone should want to be friends with him. The townspeople don’t like it though – who’d want to be friends with a gloating goat? He writes them an apology letter and tells them he’s lonely, and they all become friends.

owl-babiesOwl Babies – Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson

Another old family favourite – one I read as a child! Owl Babies is about baby owls – Sarah, Percy and Bill – who wake up to find their Mummy is missing. They get a little bit scared to begin with, but then have a think (all owls think a lot) and decide that Mummy must be off getting some food for them. After a little more worry, Owl Mother comes swooping back to them with lots of yummy food. A lovely story to teach children that Mummy will always return to them.

the-fish-who-could-wishThe Fish who could wish – John Bush and Korky Paul

Absolutely love this book! It’s another rhyming book with a lovely rhythm to it. The Fish who could wish is about a fish who wishes for all sorts of exciting things – he even made it snow under the sea! In the end he wishes to be like all the other fish though, which means he can never wish again.

pom-pom-gets-the-grumpsPom Pom gets the grumps  – Sophy Henn

Pom Pom is a little panda who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. Nothing goes right for him – he can’t find his blanky, his cereal is too soggy, and he doesn’t want to play with his friends at school. He gets so grumpy that he shouts at his friends and they all run away. Realising he really has been left alone he gets sad and apologises, and all his friends forgive him and come back to play.

cave-babyCave Baby  – Julia Donaldson and Emily Gravett

Another Julia Donaldson favourite! Cave Baby is about a boy who lives in a cave with his mum and dad. They are always busy being brave and getting food, so one day Cave Baby decides to paint over his mum’s wall paintings. His parents get angry and tell him that if he keeps being naughty, “A mammoth’s going to throw you to the big brown bear!” A mammoth comes during the night to take him away, and Cave Baby thinks he sees the big brown bear everywhere. Mammoth is just taking him to his family though, where they encourage him to paint and play. When Cave Baby is returned home, the big brown bear doesn’t seem quite so big anymore.

a-stormy-night-on-tangleweed-islandA Stormy Night on Tangleweed Island  – Hilary Horder Hippely and Barbara Upton

A little boy is going to sleep with his Teddy on a stormy night. Teddy suddenly hears cries for help, and they go on an adventure to the forest where they have to build a shelter for all the animals to keep them safe, warm and dry.





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