Blogtober Day 7 In Five Years Time

In 5 Years Time – #Blogtober17 Day 7

5 years ago I’d just finished university. I had a degree I was pretty proud of, and so many career plans and aspirations. It was a pretty exciting time in my life, but also pretty damn terrifying – leaving education to finally enter the ‘real world’ and try to make something of myself! I started

My Weekly Accountability #2

Last week was the first week of My Weekly Accountability series. I spoke about how easy it is to make excuses for why you haven’t achieved any of your goals, and about the need to make small changes to your daily routine to help you get started. Acceptance and accountability is something I am really

Acceptance and Accountability

It feels an age since I last wrote on here. I’ve been putting pen to paper quite a bit lately, but I’ve not been able to then make it digital. It has felt too fake. Too forced. Now though, I feel I have something to say. I watched The Circle on Netflix last night. It’s