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My son goes to nursery/preschool two days a week, and has done since he was around 9 months old. He has so much fun there, and I know it has done him the world of good. The trouble is, he has so much to do in those two days that he gets really bored and frustrated at home.

He is now 3, and at the stage where there is so much that he wants to learn and do, but his physical development hasn’t quite caught up with him yet. He wants to do dot-to-dot but can’t yet properly hold a pencil; wants to climb to the top of the climbing frame and yet his spatial awareness lets him down at the end when he gets stuck and can’t find his way down.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of home education. Whilst I would never have the patience or organisation to home educate at actual school age, I love the idea of home educating at preschool level.

I love the idea of having a weekly/fortnightly/monthly theme, and planning activities around it. Activities which are going to help with learning a numbers and letters, as well as encouraging his interest in certain themes such as animals and dinosaurs.

Having done some research, I am going to share with you some of the links that I am particularly loving at the moment. They incorporate learning through play, as well as craft ideas!


Some of My Favourite Links

Ocean Theme – Weekly Home Preschool

10 Tips for the New Home Preschool Mom

Our Montessori Inspired Year of Play: For 18 Months to 3 Year Old

Printable Learning Folder for the Early Years

Roll & Cross Math Game


This is only some of what I’ve found, and I still need to do some research into what is ‘expected’ of his age group, and what the next steps are going to be for him. He loves to learn though, so I’m already getting excited about the idea!


Do you home educate? 

What are your go-to learning activities?





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