Sometimes, I forget.

Sometimes, when I’m sitting downstairs in the evening, I forget. I forget that upstairs in his room sleeps a sweet little boy who belongs to me. I forget the stresses of the day; the number of times I’ve been close to snapping because he just won’t do as he’s told. I forget the mountains of

Dear Mums – You Are Amazing.

A friend of mine shared this on her Facebook this morning. It’s something I’ve seen doing the rounds many times but it especially helped me this morning, and so I feel it is only right that I pass it on. To the mom hiding in her bathroom, needing peace for just one minute, as the

Breast is NOT Always Best

They say breast is always best and, nutritionally speaking, I’m sure they are right. There are so many reasons why this is not the case for everyone though.

When Life Gives You Lemons…

I actually quite like lemons, but let’s pretend that, for the sake of this entry, I don’t. After all, everyone likes a good metaphor right? [insert disagreement here]. This evening, me and my partner went out. We went out alone, without a child, on a Saturday night. We rarely have nights out on our own

This is The Year

This is The year. That’s what everyone says at the beginning of a new year isn’t it? Well, this year really will be The year. The year for happiness and health; the year for new experiences and new friendships. I already have so much lined up in comparison to last year, that for once I


I love Autumn. I love the colours; the way the leaves crunch under foot. I love the freshness in the air; losing my hands in the long sleeves of a cosy jumper.  I can forgive the season its short days, wind and rain; it redeems itself with its crisp smell and promise of event gs

What does it mean to be Christian?

I class myself as a Christian. I don’t go to church except at Christmas, I very rarely pray, and I don’t read the Bible…but I still call myself a Christian. To me, following a religion is more than just declaring your love for a deity; it’s about the way you choose to live your life.

Get Rich Quick…and all that crap

I hate the sales pitches. I hate that they are always the same, repeating all their main points at least a million times to try and draw you in, and making you feel like you’d be stupid not to sign up to it.


The past couple of months have held so many firsts for us; so many new experiences. Amongst so much more, we’ve been on our first family holiday, I’ve gone back to work, and Theo has started nursery. It’s been such a crazy mash up of emotions, that I haven’t known whether I’m coming or going.