One Step Closer to Driving – #Blogtober17 Day 3

Today, the appointed theme is cars.

Also today, I took my driving theory test – and passed, thank you very much!

I’ve never been a massive fan of cars, and never particularly wanted to drive. For my 18th, my Aunt was very generous and offered me two choices – driving lessons, or a laptop. Naturally (although surprisingly to many), I went with the laptop. Driving didn’t appeal to me at all back then, and in all honesty it doesn’t really now either.

Almost 10 years later, I am getting closer to owning a full license. I finally started learning when I was pregnant, quite simply because I wanted to be able to get around easier with a baby in tow. My anxiety strengthened during pregnancy though, plus there were many large crashes in our area – I decided to stop. I just couldn’t risk it.

A good friend of mine from work is training to be a driving instructor, and offered to teach me. How could I say no to that?! I think I’m about half way through now, so fingers crossed I will get there by the end of the year.

The thing I am most looking forward to, is being able to take T out when his Dad is at work. It would be so nice to make the most of the day and head out somewhere without having to rely on public transport, especially with winter on our doorstep. It also means I might get the chance to go out in the evening too, and be a bit more sociable…only time will tell!



I am taking part in #Blogtober17, posted by Hex Mum. You can read more of my #Blogtober17 posts here, and have a read of other bloggers’ Day 3 posts here.

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