Nellie The Bastard Elephant

nellieMeet Nellie. This sodden heap of ‘Toots the Blue Nosed Friend’ is my son’s favourite thing in the whole world apart from his dad. Nellie is the only thing that calms him down when he is worked up; the only thing that makes him feel better when he’s poorly; the only reason he goes down to sleep at night so easily.

I hate Nellie.

Nellie is the reason my son has cried himself to sleep tonight. No matter that I was there beside him, stroking his hair and singing to him, offering him every other soft toy that he owns (which, by the way, there’s a lot of). At 17 months he doesn’t like to sleep in our arms anymore (he likes to stretch out and is far too wriggly), but he was so distraught that he almost fell asleep having cuddles.

For almost a year now we have been saying that we need to get a Nellie stand-in, especially so when our son had a horrible tummy bug. Nellie didn’t like waking up in a puddle of puke and had to go for a bath. He then had to bed down on the radiator for the night and half a day because he was rather soggy. My son didn’t understand this…he was tired, poorly, upset, and just wanted his main source of comfort.

Isn’t it funny how we always remember these things when we are having to deal with the tears and the tantrums? When everything is fine and dandy, we seem to think there is nothing to worry about. After all, never again will Nellie need a wash and will Theo be without his best friend in the whole wide world. Ha!

Tonight, after an hour of tears (on both our parts), I have put in a formal request for Nellie’s body double to move in with us. I hope he’s ready to experience Toddler Life!




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  1. The title of this made me giggle! We have a my eldest has a stuffed rabbit that for some reason she calls ‘Crabby’, I really need to get a ‘Crabby II’ just in case! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza, hope to see you again next week xx

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