My Weekly Accountability #1

I wrote a post before about the need for people to hold themselves more accountable for their actions or lack of. Accountability is what keeps you on the right track, and what keeps you pushing forward to better your life for yourself and those around you. That’s what I believe anyway! Since then I have done naff all towards this goal! I could easily use the excuse of being busy with a toddler, planning his 2nd birthday, planning my sister’s hen party, helping her out with wedding planning, being ill, and working part time. The truth is though, as much as I would like to use those reasons, they don’t really make the cut. I have had plenty of time to make some minor steps, even if I haven’t had the energy for the major ones. Things like less Netflix binging in the evenings, and more productive use of T’s nap times.

I’ve decided to start this weekly accountability series, which will put my goals out there for everyone to see. Hopefully this will egg me on to actually get round to achieving them – or at least putting effort into starting them! It’s going to be a real challenge for me, but something I intend to keep up. I’ll start off small and simple, and expand further as I get used to having it as part of my routine.

Wish me luck!


Week 1



  • Finally get my Fisher’s Farm post live – photos and a few edits needed.
  • Complete 2 more blog posts from my backlog.
  • Join in with 2 blog linkies.
  • Block out time each day for blog related tasks.

Social Media

  • Take another look at Tailwind for Pinterest, and get some pins scheduled.
  • Research better hashtags to use on Instagram – make a list and save.
  • Start a weekly schedule for Twitter.


  • I have lots of stuff waiting to go to charity. Arrange collection, or drop off at a shop.
  • Start using The Wellbeing Journal again, daily.
  • Work on 3 more pages for my bullet journal.
  • Find one new recipe to try out next week.
  • Start drawing out a daily/weekly routine (loose).
  • Block out time each day for household tasks.
  • Block out time each day for self-care.
  • Drink more water! I’ve been slacking lately!


What are your plans for this week? What are you going to hold yourself accountable for?

Let me know below!




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