If at first you don’t succeed…

Today he ate. He’ll be 7 months old in under a week, and has thus far shown very little interest in food until today. It seems that apple and mango puree is the way to go! Good old Heinz.

We’ve been giving him little tastes of bits (the odd finger dab) since he was 4 months old, just to try and get him used to the idea of different flavours and textures. Since 6 months (well just before) we’ve been trying a mix of purees and finger foods, but to no avail. He would put everything in his mouth except for things that are actually edible, and when it came to spoon feeding he just had a confused ‘what am

Heinz and sippy cup
Good old Heinz! Love this little sippy cup from Ikea

I supposed to do with this mush in my mouth’ look on his face. This morning, however, he consumed a (seemingly) large amount of apple and mango puree, and kept looking back to see where the next spoonful was. Still didn’t really want to open his mouth for it, but he was quite happy to lick it off the spoon…strange child. He was even happy enough to drink from his cute little sippy cup that his Nanny got him from Ikea while he was still a little bean in my tummy.

Apparently on Easter Sunday he ate a bit of grape (cut up properly of course) and a few limbs off a cheese and onion Pom Bear, but I wasn’t around to witness it so it totally doesn’t count right?

I have spent the whole day waiting for the inevitable explosion of orange vomit, but 7 hours on and it has yet to rear its ugly head…



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