Get Rich Quick…and all that crap

It’s been a while since I’ve been approached by someone with a get rich quick scheme, so I was actually presently surprised last week when I received a message on Facebook.

Now, I’m not usually someone who accepts friends requests from people I don’t know…but I was told I had two friends in common with this girl, so I thought why the hell not. Maybe I’ve met her somewhere before and just forgotten…hell, maybe I even went to school with her and forgot (although in hind site, if that had been the case I’m sure we’d have more ‘mutual friends’).

Hi Hun,

Thank you for accepting my request. Just wanted to ping you a message quick. We’ve got a mutual friend and I’m a mum too so thought I’d let you know about this amazing opportunity. I’ve just started a new business and I currently run a fashion boutique, I do tans and lashes and I’m a full time single mum so crazy busy, would you be interested in earning an extra income? I’ve started a beauty business and I’m offering free business opportunities. There’s an uncapped income, there’s no fees, no contracts, I’m looking for motivated people that use social media. You can be your own boss, work as many or little hours as you want. In my 3 weeks I’m earning money off 44 people and taken £1000!!

All you need is wifi, and I can get you earning within half an hour!

Let me know if you want more info as id love to work with you xx

Ah! No, it wasn’t an old acquaintance who had slipped my mind. It was a fellow Mummy, looking to prey on the financial insecurities of a new parent. I told her I would be interested in finding out more, because I really wanted to see where this was going. What would it be, Juice Plus? It Works? Life Vantage? Turns out it was one I hadn’t actually heard of before – NuSkin.NuSkin She gave me the usual spiel about how much money I could make, especially if I hired other people, and then they hired more. So my question to her was, what makes it different to a pyramid scheme? I didn’t actually get a legit answer to that, except that there is no joining fee, no outlay, and I would start earning IMMEDIATELY!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do have respect for woman (and men) who manage to make a living around looking after their children. I am back at work part time, and I would love to be able to bring in more money to lavish my son with gifts. There are many people who make these schemes work for them, genuinely use and believe in the products they sell, and completely turn their lives around. Good for them. It’s just not for me.

I hate the sales pitches. I hate that they are always the same, repeating all their main points at least a million times to try and draw you in, and making you feel like you’d be stupid not to sign up to it. A lot of the time the sales pitches are well written, but the trouble is you just know it has been copied and pasted from somewhere higher. Everyone is getting exactly the same pitch word for word, and the person talking to you hasn’t put a single ounce of effort in. After all, it takes more than 2 seconds to write an essay…or does it?

There are many people who put one hell of a lot of time and effort into making schemes like this work. They turn it into a proper little business for themselves, enlisting family and friends to kickstart it, and then branching out further and further…and further. I have full respect for those that can dedicate that much time to something that can take a long time to start making an income you can live off. That’s if it ever does. The girl I spoke to about NuSkin is lovely. She didn’t push it when I said no, and she seemed like a genuinely nice person to talk to. Someone I could have become friends with, if she didn’t begin our relationship with a sales pitch.

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