Filtered Kids: The Next Generation

It frustrates, nay infuriates me when I see photos of kids that have obviously been filtered. Now I’m not talking about the kind of filters that improve brightness and focus etc, but the ones that are used to smooth out and boost your complexion, and supposedly make you more beautiful. I don’t get these filters personally. Or at least, I don’t get why people use them to the extent where they actually look filtered. Those photos with ultra impossibly smooth skin and eyes so bright and sharp that they look like they’ve been superimposed. They don’t make you look beautiful, they make it look like you dislike your appearance, lack self-confidence, and ultimately don’t have enough faith in yourself.

Girls (because the ‘fairer sex’ usually are the main culprits), stop doing this to yourself! Please! Especially when your children are in the photos. Stop filtering your kids; embrace their every little imperfection. Because those imperfections are what make them perfect. Who cares if you all have blotchy skin, bags under your eyes, and a few pimples? If you are sharing a photo, do it because you love it. Share it because of what the photo stands for, and the memory it represents. Do it out of pride and love for yourself and your friends and family. Don’t do it because you’ve managed to filter the hell out of it so that it looks, in your opinion, acceptable.

This is not a good look!

This is going to be the way the next generation grows up; seeing filtered selfies and thinking that’s what they should be doing. Thinking that nobody is beautiful enough in real life. To them, their friends and family should be beautiful. They shouldn’t then have to witness their insecurity and lack of self-confidence because it will then be pushed onto them. It will become ingrained in our kids that they need to filter their looks in order for anyone to think them pretty. Do we really want that? I sure as hell don’t.

I’ll be the first to admit I generally don’t like photos of myself. I definitely lack confidence in my shape, size, and overall appearance. It is something I am working on though, and a goal for me to achieve. If I don’t like a photo of myself, then I either keep trying until I get something I like, or I just don’t share it. I see no reason for people to view me as a fake in order to make myself feel better.

So ladies (and yes you too gents!), if you are going to use a filter, keep it subtle…don’t over do it. Don’t be that person that has the ultra impossibly smooth skin and superimposed fake looking eyes. Be that person who isn’t afraid to show people that she has spots, natural eyebrows, and makeup that has seen a day’s wear…even better, don’t wear any at all!

You are beautiful the way you are.

Let your children see it.

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