10 Books to Read – #Blogtober17 Day 14

I’ve always been told I have too many books, ever since I can remember. I don’t know what this phrase means…it makes no sense to me. Too many books?! Impossible! I recently decided I had too little space to store my beautiful collection of books, so decided to pass some on to charity in the hope that others

The Handmaid’s Tale – Is It Really Too Graphic?

On Sunday night, I watched the first episode of The Handmaid’s Tale on Channel 4. Oh. My. God. Fantastic! I’m seeing so many comments and articles at the moment about the show being horrifying, chilling, and too graphic. Really?! The entire premise of the story is that in a dystopian future the majority of women

Rediscovering an Old Love

I have recently rediscovered an old love – reading. I never lost my love of reading per se, I simply forgot about it. I stopped giving it my full attention, and it sort of dwindled into almost nothingness. Reading was something I picked up again last year as a form of self-care. I would take

Toddler T’s Top 10 Reads

Seeing as World Book Day is just around the corner, I decided this was the best time to do a round-up of Toddler T’s favourite books. He has loved a good story since he was very little (we started reading to him as a newborn) although he currently has so much energy that he can’t

The Day I Fell Down The Toilet

The Day I Fell Down The Toilet is a hilarious poem by Steve Turner. I had his book of poetry as a kid, and it never failed to make me giggle. I remember one time me and a couple of friends read it out at Church during one of their kids entertainment services, an it