Adventures at Paradise Park

For as long as I can remember, I have loved visiting and exploring new places. I love the mystery that goes with it, the undiscovered gems that await you around that next corner. There is something soothing about it to me. It’s a form of escapism, and being outside in the sun just makes it even better.

On Tuesday we went to Paradise Park in Newhaven. Apparently I went there as a child but I don’t really remember it other than a vague recollection of the name. A friend put some photos up on Facebook of their day out there, and it looked like great fun. The main attraction, to me, was the dinosaur safari! That was the main reason I looked it up…I could argue that it was all for my little boy’s benefit, but that wouldn’t be entirely true!

Paradise Park really is a beautiful place to go. With gardens, planthouses, the dinosaur safari and the Sussex history trail, there is so much to look at. Not to mention the soft play, outside play areas, mini arcade, sandpit, miniature railway and crazy golf! There’s also a garden centre, and a cafe where I had a looooovely hazelnut latte. Yum!

I’m glad we went on a week day during term time, because I can imagine it gets very busy during the summer and on warm sunny days.

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4 thoughts on “Adventures at Paradise Park

    1. T did have a mega tantrum when we took him out! Thankfully there were lots of other bits to distract him with.

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