9 Days of Leisure!

Woop! Finished work at 6pm this evening, and now I have 9 days of leisure.

Well, I say leisure…I still have a toddler to look after, housework to do, and a lot of work to do for this blog.

4638437750_df9b46232a_oI sure am looking forward to the next few days though. It’s my birthday on Monday, so I’m having a birthday lunch with a couple of friends tomorrow, seeing family on Sunday (me and my Nan share the same birthday), and then on Monday I’m heading off to London with my partner to see School of Rock! So excited! He bought me tickets for Christmas, and he couldn’t have picked a more perfect present. We are going up there for the day after dropping the little one off at his Auntie’s, seeing the show in the evening, staying overnight and then heading back Tuesday afternoon. Just need to decide how we are going to spend the rest of our time up there, but the Imperial War Museum has definitely made the list.

After all of that excitement, I am going to have to set aside some serious time for my blogging. There is a lot of work I need to do on this one and my second blog Parenting and PND, half of which I haven’t even discovered yet. Here is my list that I am aiming to complete though:

  • Complete Self-Care Series on Parenting and PND;
  • Start working on my Postpartum Psychosis posts, which includes a guest post from a brave lady;
  • Do some research into using Pinterest for my blog, and start implementing some techniques;
  • Work on the (potentially) 4 guest posts I’ve been asked to write;
  • Get another 3 (at least) posts done for Prose and Progeny;
  • Pick my bullet journal up again, and work my blogging into it.
  • Possibly write a review of School of Rock?!

I’m sure there’s a tonne of other stuff I should be adding to this list, but I think much more will leave me overwhelmed and thus unmotivated.

Wish me luck guys!

What are your goals for the week?



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