Blogtober Day 7 In Five Years Time

In 5 Years Time – #Blogtober17 Day 7

5 years ago I’d just finished university. I had a degree I was pretty proud of, and so many career plans and aspirations. It was a pretty exciting time in my life, but also pretty damn terrifying – leaving education to finally enter the ‘real world’ and try to make something of myself!

I started freelancing, which went pretty well considering the short amount of time I’d been going it. I was making enough to pay the bills, but unfortunately not enough to live off…so took on a part-time job to help support me. That part time job soon became a full time job, and I soon found myself with no time or energy for my freelancing.

5 years later I have my own little family – my partner, and our 2 year old son. I returned to part time work after maternity leave, but I really want to get on and do what I love the most – writing.

I guess I’d better put that in my 5 year plan!

Thank you Leslie for the tag – you can take a look at her own 5 year plan here!

A day at Fisher's Farm



We live in a seaside town in the South East, and I love it. It’s close enough to my home town to make regular day trips to see friends and family, and I just love having the sea on one side and the South Downs on the other. Beautiful. Although I would love for us to move house, I can’t see us leaving the area any time soon –  we have too many ties here for that, plus we are happy!


I would like to actually have a career in 5 years time. None of these interim jobs that pay the bills, but instead work I am actually passionate about and love doing. A job that I can be proud of. That is either going to be getting back into freelancing, or perhaps going back into education for a bit to gain the skills needed for something similar that I’ve been considering. It’s hard at the moment with a toddler to look after, but I am finally starting to work out the right balance that works for me.


I really really really want to go to Iceland! And Sweden. And Germany. And maybe back to Paris. I would settle for just one of those places! I want to do some more travel around the UK too….going back to York and Bath, and another holiday to the Isle of Wight. I could write quite a list if I really put my mind to it! Iceland and Germany are the top two on my 5 year plan though, along with York and possibly Scotland. Totally doable right!


My finances are in a terrible state at the moment. I’m still recovering from the financial havoc of university, combined with moving into my own place afterwards, then having a child, and now nursery fees….it’s quite exhausting looking at it all. In 5 years time I would like to have the majority of my debts paid off, and some savings to my name. I would like to be earning enough that I’m not living paycheck to paycheck, and actually be able to afford the travelling mentioned above!


I would love a bigger family. I would love for T to be a big brother in 5 years time, and maybe even thinking about a third. We’ll see how it goes. T wasn’t planned – he was the greatest surprise ever. I’d like for us to get to that stage where we feel ready to actually ‘plan’ another child. Like a lot of couples when they have kids, we’ve had a few issues over the last 2 years, but we are all getting into a healthier routine now and I would love to see that continue to develop. That will of course be helped by all of the above! Individual happiness goes a long way to making a family happy as a whole, and that is our main focus at the moment. Who knows, maybe in 5 years time we’ll be married – making it all the more official.


There are so many things I would love to plan for the next five years. It’s easy for the mind to run away with you, especially when you look at friends and family of a similar age who are in different stages of their life – it’s so easy to compare and feel like you’re lagging behind.

It just takes a little bit of faith in yourself; the knowledge that you’ll reach your goals just as long as you put the work in.


I’d love to hear what your goals are for 5 years time! I’m tagging Maria and Emily.

Let me know yours below!



I am taking part in #Blogtober17, posted by Hex Mum. You can read more of my #Blogtober17 posts here, and have a read of other bloggers’ Day 7 posts here.


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