My 5 Unusual Celebrity Crushes! – #Blogtober17 Day 21

I’m hearing loads at the moment about mothers having a crush on Justin Fletcher and Mr Bloom – sorry ladies, I’m not seeing it myself! Everyone has at least one weird crush during their lifetime though, and I can tell you I’ve had many!

Here’s 5 of the more unusual ones:


Steve Tyler

Yup. Steve Tyler from Aerosmith is probably the weirdest crush I’ve ever had, especially seeing as he’s over 40 years older than me! I used to be a MASSIVE Aerosmith fan though (saw them live in Hyde Park – amazing!), and Steve Tyler was the one I fixated on. It was something to do with the long hair, and his general confidence I think!


Alan Davies

I used to think Alan Davies was majorly cute. I loved seeing him on QI, him and his adorable curly hair. Not really seeing it anymore though, he’s lost his charm! I still think he’s hilarious, but I’m not crushing after him anymore.


Noel Fielding

This was back in the days of The Mighty Boosh. Oh Noel! How I loved you. You and your luscious hair (there it as again – the hair thing), cheeky grin, and top banter. I’m still a fan now, but not enough to watch him in The Great British Bake Off. Just doesn’t seem right to me.


Russell Brand

Again, hair. I don’t know what it is about him, but I’ve always found him cute. Cute and funny, always a winner! Those years that Big Fat Quiz of The Year have had both Russell and Noel have been a real treat!


Jeffrey Dean Morgan

My current celebrity crush. Isn’t he just gorgeous?! And his voice! I first remember seeing him in Supernatural, and then of course The Walking Dead, and then The Good Wife. Just can’t get enough of him. I’m eagerly anticipating the return of Negan!

As you may have guessed, I have a bit of a thing for men with long hair…which is pretty ironic seeing as my partner doesn’t have much at all! (Sorry Mr, you know I love you!)

Who has been your most unusual crush?



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