Blogtober Day 8 5 Themed Holidays for Geeks

5 Themed Holiday for Geeks – #Blogtober17 Day 8

The idea of a themed holiday is becoming ever more popular, and they are a fantastic way to do something you love whilst exploring somewhere new! And even if you’ve been before, there’s always new and exciting elements to discover!

I’m not the kind of person that gets much out of an all inclusive holiday – the kind where you don’t leave the resort and spend most of your time sunbathing. Although it would be nice for a few days, I would get bored. I love being out and about and exploring, especially if it’s somewhere new.

That being said, I did a bit of research into the most popular types of themed holidays, and I have listed five of my favourites below.

Hobbiton movie set New ZealandLord of the Rings

The 14 Day Lord of the Rings Tour looks pretty spectacular, and not just because of the stunning backdrop of New Zealand. We’re talking a Hobbiton evening tour and banquet; gold panning; bungee jumping; hot pools; a cruise; a visit to those who made the ‘One Ring’; climbing Edoras like the Riders of Rohan; exploring Bilbo’s shire; the list goes on. All you’ve got to do is keep your fingers crossed for good weather, and the tour guides will take care of the rest! Oh and don’t forget to reenact those iconic movie moment!


Stephen King’s It

The It Factor: Exploring Stephen King’s Maine is an article I found in the Guardian. Writer and comedian James Mullinger did a themed trip to Maine, where he followed in Stephen King’s footsteps to get a better idea of his life and his influences. Bangor Public Library; Stephen King’s house; The Barrens, Bangor; Gerald Winters and Son bookshop; Thomas Hill Standpipe; Mount Hope Cemetery; University of Maine, Orono; Pet Sematary House, Orrington; Portland; Mainely Murders Bookstore, Kennebunk; The Algonquin Resort, New Brunswick, Canada. Every step in his journey was to a place that was said to inspire Stephen King in his writing, of both It and his other works. Whilst I am not an It fan myself, I still think that this themed holiday would be interesting!


Giants Causeway Game of ThronesGame of Thrones

It’s safe to say that most people like Game of Thrones. There are many out there that dislike it or haven’t seen it, but the majority of those you have are hooked. So what better than a Game of Thrones themed holiday?! I found two that look pretty good. The Game of Thrones Tours offers two coach trips of the Westeros or Winterfell filming locations, along with a hotel stay in Belfast. The Game of Thrones Overnight Glamping Experience sounds more like my cup of tea though, with an overnight stay in a glamping pod in ‘Winterfell’ forest. Included in the package is the opportunity to dress up as a Stark and practice at the Winterfell archery range, and take a cycle tour of the filming locations – complete with a Cloak of the North costume, a Stark Family LARP sword, and a map of filming locations in the form of a medieval scroll. You can count me in!


Harry Potter

College of Wizardry is a four-day roleplaying experience at a 14th Century castle where you can embrace your dreams of being a student at a school of magic.”  Need I say more?! 136 participants, three nights in Czocha Castle in Poland, a Welcome Ball, classes in the magical arts, ‘magical creatures’ in the grounds. I mean come on, this is every true Harry Potter fan’s dream right?!


Alien themed holidaysExtraterrestrial Highway

Have you seen the movie Paul? Love it? Well you’ll be happy to hear that the Extraterrestrial Highway does actually exist! It’s a 98 mile drive through the Nevada desert, also known as Nevada State Route 375. But that name just doesn’t sound as fun. I stumbled upon the article Driving the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada: What You Need to Know, and I’m sold! Whilst I’ve never been particularly interested in holidaying to America, this is definitely a trip to change my mind. And not just because one of the stops shares my name.




Do you like the idea of themed holidays? What would be your ideal one? Let me know below!




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8 thoughts on “5 Themed Holiday for Geeks – #Blogtober17 Day 8

  1. The Harry Potter one sounds fab, as does the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones (although I’ve not seen either of them).
    I would definitely be avoiding the IT one though as I hate clowns.
    I would love an Alice in Wonderland themed holiday/hotel.

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