#Blogtober17 Day 11 Kitchen gadgets

10 Weird and Wonderful Kitchen Gadgets Nobody Really Needs – #Blogtober17 Day 11

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Ahhhhh kitchen gadgets. Everyone owns at least one that they don’t really use, and in many kitchens they are taking up valuable cupboard and counter space. Every year there are more and more gadgets invented that we don’t really need, but which make life a whole lot more fun. Some are for ease of use, some are for creative flair, and some are simply for comedy value.

I have for you here a list of 10 kitchen gadgets to spice up your life a bit. 10 kitchen gadgets that you probably won’t find in your local store because they are just that little bit different.



Toaster and egg cooker

1. SMART Breakfast Master Toaster

If I had one of these, I’d be having egg and toast for breakfast every day. 6 eggs for two pieces of toast seems a bit extreme though. Conveniently, it includes a needle at the bottom of the cup to pierce your egg shells so they don’t crack whilst steaming.

You can find it here.



2. Fruit & Vegetable Spiraliser & Slicer

For people who like their fruit and veg all fancy. Could be a good present for those people who already seem to have it all? This one might be a winner.

You can find it here: AOHANG Moods Spiralizer Premium Multi-Purpose Fruit & Vegetable Spiraliser Slicer & Mandolin



Hot dog toaster

3. Hot Dog Maker

I suddenly have a craving for hot dogs. Might need to arrange a hot dog party just so I have an excuse to buy this little beauty.

You can find it here: Global Gourmet Hot Dog Maker Machine – Enjoy Deliciously Cooked Hot Dogs in Just 8 Minutes!




Cake molds muffin top4. Muffin Top Molds

If you’re going to make muffins, make them properly. I don’t think this is something you’d buy yourself though…maybe a gift to/from a friend with a spot on sense of humour?!

You can find them here:

iNeibo Silicone Baking Muffin Top Molds for Home Bakeware (Pack of 6)





Paper towel phone charger5. Paper Towel USB Charger

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wished I had a gadget that could hold my paper towel whilst simultaneously charging my phone and tablet.

I’m so glad I have found this. My life is going to change for the better.

You can find it here.





Waffle maker6. Waffle Bowl Maker

For when normal flat waffles just aren’t good enough. Just imagine how yummy these would be filled with ice cream and fruit. Or warm chocolate brownie!

You can find it here:

Cooks Professional 600W Electric Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker, Waffle Iron with Dual Plates Concave & Convex in Black



How to open champagne7. Champagne Sabre

Yes, you read that correctly. Champagne sabre. A sabre for opening a bottle of champagne, which is what they used back in Napoleon’s day. This one even comes with a presentation stand, so you don’t have to try and fit it in your already overflowing utensils drawer.

You can find it here.





Fruit keg tapping kit8. Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

Have you ever had a watermelon lying around with no idea what to do with it? A commoner would chop it up and eat it, but not you! No! You can turn it into a keg and drink the juice!

So this would be pretty cool for a party. Even better with alcohol in. Ahem.

You can find it here: Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit | Make Your Own Fruit Keg Dispenser




vegetable peeler and sharpener9. Carrot Peeler and Sharpener

I can never get my carrots sharp enough. It’s so frustrating. They just don’t taste the same when they have those boring rounded edges, or when they are chopped up into sticks or circles.

Finally, something to solve the problem!

You can find it here: KOTiger Carrot Cucumber Sharpener Peeler Vegetable Fruit Curl Slicer for Kitchen Tool (Orange)






Twirling spaghetti fork10. Twirling Spaghetti Fork

I’ve actually seen a few people use these, and they look pretty handy. But seriously, what happened to the good old days where you would get a sore wrist (still talking about forks here) trying to twirl up that spaghetti, only for it to fall straight back off onto your plate?

‘Great for children’ – just another way we bubble wrap the youth these days. They’ll never experience our pain.

You can find it here: Spaghetti Fork With Rotating Head Spinning Twirling Pasta Pot Noodle Electric Food Gift Kids Food Kitchen Gadgets Utensils



Which is your favourite? Do you have any crazy gadgets in your own kitchen? Let us know below!


10 kitchen gadgets



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