10 Things I love – #Blogtober17 Day 12

Today’s #Blogtober17 prompt is love, and I’ve spent most of the day trying to figure out what to write. I am not a gushy person when it comes to love…I’m not going to write a whole post about friends and family and how much they mean to me etc. That just goes without saying. Instead, here is a list of 10 less major things I love. Things that still make me the person I am, and which still bring great joy to my life.


Bookworm1. Reading

It’s only fit that I start with reading. Reading has always been a passion of mine, ever since I was little. My mum used to despair because over summer I would rather be at home reading than out with my friends. Even now, I’d prefer to be curled up with a book than out on the lash. It’s got to be a proper book though. I have a Kindle, and I have found it very useful for travelling…but I love the weight of the book in my hands, the feel of the pages, and most of all the smell.


2. Tea and Toast

This goes hand in hand with reading. The ultimate book accompaniment! Although I’ve lost count of the number of times I get so engrossed in a book that I end up taking a sip of cold tea or munching on cold soft toast. Gross!


Raining3. The Smell of Rain

This. It’s such a beautiful smell! So refreshing, and an instant stress relief for me. I’m not sure what it is, it just triggers something in my brain, and I can feel my entire body relax and end up with a massive smile on my face, spending the rest of the day in a dream. Bliss.


4. Stationary

I am one of those people who buys beautiful stationary but feels unable to use it in case of mistakes. That first misspelled word, that first smudge. It’s heartbreaking! I literally have drawers full of awesome notebooks that I have been buying since college days, and very few of them have been used. This is something I am trying to fix though! Convincing myself that mistakes are all part of the creativity process is slowly (very slowly) starting to work.


5. Watching Him Work

My partner is a DJ with a couple of weekend residencies and plenty of experience up his sleeve. I love watching him work, quite simply because of the passion he shows and the confidence that oozes out of him. Even whilst writing this, he is sitting in the room with me working on some clips for our local radio station. I usually find it hard to write with music playing in the background (massive distraction!), but this evening it’s inspiring me instead! Which leads me to…


6. Singing

I love singing. I love singing along to films, and singing along to my favourite songs. Singing in the car, singing in the shower, singing whilst making meals. What I don’t like, is singing in front of other people unless they are people I feel really comfortable with. You definitely won’t get me doing karaoke any time soon!


Exploring7. Exploring New Places

In my goals post I spoke about my goals for in 5 years time, and one of the topics was travel. I mentioned that I am not a fan of all inclusive holidays, simply for the reason that I love to be out and about exploring rather than feeling obliged to stay on sight in order to make the most of it. This is why I love holidays…exploring new places, and making new discoveries. My favourite holidays abroad have been to Turkey and South Africa for that very reason! But it is just as fun finding places closer to home too.


8. Autumn

Autumn is by far my favourite season. Sure, I love the sun and warmth of Summer, but I would happily swap that for Autumn colours, splashing through puddles, the smell of rain, and cosy evenings. I find it refreshing and invigorating.


Stony beach9. The Beach

I love love love living by the beach! Especially stony beaches. When I went to university, I was living in Greater London. Being by the Thames was amazing, and having the likes of Richmond Park, Bushy Park, and Wimbledon Common was great for escape and relaxation. The thing I missed the most though, was the beach. It has always been a safe place for me, a calming element. I’ve always known that I could go down to the beach and stare out to sea,  and that I would be able to deal with whatever was troubling me…or at least get a bit of a break from it.


10. Lists

Looking at my previous posts, that probably goes without saying. I sure do love lists. I love the organisation, I love them as a way to see what I have managed to accomplish, and as a way to make things more manageable. I find they help me to think better, because I can focus my mind rather than have it going off on a tangent. There will be plenty more lists to come on this blog!




I am taking part in #Blogtober17, posted by Hex Mum. You can read more of my #Blogtober17 posts here, and have a read of other bloggers’ Day 12 posts here.

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    1. I used to have people make fun of me when I sang…hence why I don’t like doing it around people I don’t know that well! I’ve found it a lot easier since having a child and going along to groups though ha!

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