My 10 Healthier Living Choices

Healthier living is a big focus of mine at the moment. I’m not just talking about healthier eating (although that does play a massive part!), but healthier everything. Relationships with both myself and others, the way I approach life, my living conditions, etc. It all comes down to self-care! You can read more about the start of my journey here.

Do you find you get easily overwhelmed by the sheer amount that needs to get done? Nobody wants to come home from work and get on with the housework, and nobody wants to be the only person in the household actually bothering. I don’t know about you, but it makes me stubborn. It makes me not want to do anything at all, and just put it off. Then it gets to the point where there is simply too much and you burn yourself out. Sound familiar?

As a way to get started, I’ve made myself a list of 10 healthier living choices. They are changes I am in the process of getting into daily routine, and I think I’m doing pretty well with them so far!

More quiet time is possibly the most important one on the list for me. As someone who suffers from social anxiety, I need time to myself. Time to relax with nobody around me whatsoever, which can be pretty damn hard now seeing as when I’m not at work I’m usually looking after a toddler or binge-watching Netflix with my partner. No matter how well I know people though, and no matter how much I love them, I need regular time where I am completely on my own. Not only does it save my sanity, it also helps with my depression and helps me to manage my anxiety.

Below is my current starter list of 10 healthier living choices. What’s on yours? Let me know below!



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18 thoughts on “My 10 Healthier Living Choices

  1. Good luck with this! I am also on a big of a healthier living journey at the moment and these are all on my list too. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes!

  2. That list is something I really should try harder at. It’s the quiet time I find the hardest to get , with the unusla day to say things that must be done. I’m actually going to take your list and stick it to my fridge , I need to do better with self care ! Thanks so much for this x

    1. It’s hard to pencil it all in to begin with isn’t it? I tend to find I get to the end of the day and realised I haven’t accomplished any of it. Sticking it up somewhere sounds like a good idea though, so it’s easier to keep an eye on. Thanks for reading! x

  3. You are so right – being healthy is much more than just the food you eat. I am always very mindful of trying to make myself healthier as whole, as it is so easy to forget things like quiet time and water!

  4. Yes! You’ve got it covered. I’m pretty much only doing well on the no caffeine, as it doesn’t agree with me so I haven’t had any in 20 years. Must do better on the other 9 points, lol.

    1. It doesn’t particularly agree with me either…but mostly because I tend to overdo it! Ha! I get such horrible caffeine migraines. I’ve managed to cut down to mainly just tea, with the odd coffee as a treat rather than relying on coffee to see me through the day!

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